Victoria J. Coe

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April 2023, Putnam/Penguin Random House, 96 pp

The little dog with a GIANT personality from Fenway and Hattie is starring in his own chapter book series!

Usually Fenway has a great time visiting Nana with his short human, Hattie. But this time is very different—a bird is living inside Nana’s house. And it speaks human!

Fenway doesn’t know how any of this happened, but he vows to keep Hattie safe from that bird, Merlin. Except Hattie wants them to be friends. Fenway can’t believe that could even be possible, but when Merlin gets upset and Fenway realizes what’s wrong, it turns out that a bird and a dog can understand each other.

With an easy reading level and lively illustrations, emerging readers will be eager to get their paws on the Make Way for Fenway! chapter books. FENWAY AND THE FRISBEE TRICK (May 2022, Putnam/Penguin Random House, 96 pp) Fenway is ready to learn a new trick! When Fenway sees a dog leap into the air and catch a Frisbee, he wants to do it, too. But catching a Frisbee is harder than it looks. Good thing Fenway is willing to keep trying, and he impresses everyone with a special trick of his own! FENWAY AND THE BONE THIEVES (May 2022, Putnam/Penguin Random House, 96 pp) There’s nothing better than a brand-new bone! And nothing worse than sneaky squirrels trying to steal it! But Fenway is smarter than those squirrels, and he finds the perfect place to hide his bone. The only problem is the hiding place might be too hard for Fenway to find, too!

NOTE: Book four under contract.