Jennifer Thermes

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August 2019, Abrams, 64 pp

A nonfiction picture book about the history, humans, and natural events that have shaped Manhattan for over four hundred years. Through dramatic illustrations and detailed maps, the island’s story comes to life as it becomes home to one of the greatest cities in the world, and continues to be a magnet for people from all over the world. Sidebars focusing on moments in history, a timeline, and select sources in the back matter encourage further reading.


SHELF AWARENESS – “Manhattan, with tons of backmatter and fun paratextual material, uses every part of the book–front cover all the way to the final endpapers–to give young readers an in-depth and entertaining history of the city on the island.”

SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL – “The maps, colorful illustrations, and accessible text present a comprehensive history of Manhattan as an island and a good introduction to the study of urban growth for students of all ages. Very valuable to students in the New York City metropolitan area, but also highly informative for all readers”

KIRKUS – “The vibrant history that unfolds will hold children’s attention through
repeated viewings.”

BOOKLIST – “This slice of American history is a gem.”

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY – “Like Manhattan itself, much is packed into this handsomely illustrated history.”