Andy Rash

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September 2023, Scholastic, 40 pp

In a sweet story based on a real-life experience, a curious kid brings his dad along on a mission to experience a total eclipse of the sun.

Life is looking forward and looking back. We make plans, prepare, and wait. We look at photos, tell stories, and remember. But in the middle of it all is a moment when everything comes together. It might last only a minute or two, but it is as rare and exciting as a total eclipse of the sun. Are you the parent of a young child? Are you a kid counting on a parent for answers? This is that moment. Don’t blink.

Eclipse is a book about a father and son traveling to view a total eclipse of the sun. The son narrates, counting down to the moment the eclipse happens, and then counting back up and away from it, even to the distant future. Some maps and info about eclipses in the near future could help a young reader plan their own journey to a memorable moment


PUBLISHERS WEEKLY – “Rash combines bold cartooning with countdown-style storytelling in this meaningfully starry-eyed view of an eclipse.”