Jeanne DuPrau

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October 2023, Random House Children's Books, TBD pp

From New York Times bestselling author Jeanne DuPrau. WHAT IS PROJECT F? It’s life-changing! It’s an adventure! It’s freedom! It’s dangerous. From the author of The City of Ember comes a tension-filled post-apocalyptic novel like nothing you’ve read before… WELCOME TO THE FUTURE. There are no cars, planes, televisions, or smartphones. Climate change wreaked havoc on Earth hundreds of years ago, and now people live a simpler life. Then thirteen-year-old Keith uncovers a secret. It’s a mysterious mission known only as Project F. It’s exciting, it’s a secret, and it’s going to change the world. It’s exactly the kind of adventure Keith has always longed to be a part of. And what is adventure without a little danger, right? But how much danger is Keith willing to risk? For himself? For his family? For his community? For the entire world…?