Mary Amato

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Book 4 – October 2020, Holiday House, 176 pp

Lucy McGee and Phillip Lee are invited to perform a song on their school’s morning show–this is their big break! First, they agree to keep it a secret from spotlight-stealing classmate Scarlett Tandy. But what about the other members of the Songwriting Club? Lucy forgets to tell them, setting off a chain of hurt feelings, a disastrous secret party, a runaway brother, and much more. The loveable but impulsive Lucy will have to write a lot of apology letters before everything can go back to normal. LUCKY ME, LUCY MCGEE Book 3 – May 2020, Holiday House, 112 pp Fourth grader Lucy McGee’s ukulele is missing–and if she doesn’t find it soon, she’ll be kicked out of the Songwriting Club! SING WITH ME, LUCY MCGEE Book 2 – Spring 2019, Holiday House, 176 pp When a talent show brings out cutthroat tendencies in her classmates, aspiring singer, songwriter, and ukulele player Lucy has to fight for what’s fair and avoid falling for mean girl Scarlett’s ploys yet again in the second book in the generously illustrated Lucy McGee series. NEWS FROM ME, LUCY Book 1 – October 2018, Holiday House, 144 pp A heartwarming and humorous series about jealousy, music and the true meaning of friendship. When the coolest girl in the class invites you to her exclusive after-school club, how can you say no? In this new series from state-award favorite Mary Amato, a spunky heroine matches wits with a mean girl and learns that middle school can be a balancing act—so you can’t lose sight of what’s important. This heavily-illustrated chapter book series features fun bonus material: a link to hear Lucy’s songs with downloadable lyric-and-chord booklets, instructional videos, and karaoke tracks so that readers can sing their hearts out!