Megan Brennan

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Magic Girls


March 2024, Random House Graphic, 225 pp

Book one of the Magic Girls series!

Welcome to Neo-Earth Junior High school, where there’s nothing cooler than being a Magical Girl – a pretty superhero who fights villains with the power of friendship and glitter! This year, instead of being totally and completely average, Kira is going to be cool and popular and have SO many friends because she’s going to be a MAGICAL GIRL!

…Or not.

Frustrated beyond belief, Kira makes a wish on a shooting star that her life will change – and when Catacorn, a cat-unicorn-space-princess, crashes into Kira’s backyard and tells her they have to work together to fight an intergalactic foe, it seems her wish has come true…kinda…maybe… Kira’s budding friendship with Catacorn is quickly tested by rivals, cute transfer students, fashion emergencies – and Catacorn’s own secret past. Is Kira’s dream of being a Magical Girl really possible…or is Catacorn not really what she promises to be?

NOTE: Two more books in the series under contract.