Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

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Summer 2024, Crown/Random House, TBD pp

When you’re in a family of stars, sometimes you want to shine on your own. Sunday hopes that her idea for a community theater production will be just the thing that gets everyone to recognize that she’s more than just talk. And when a new celebrity neighbor offers to lend her talents to the show, everything seems to be falling into place.

But going solo without much of a plan proves to be more complicated than Sunday wants to admit. And Talitha’s diva attitude looks like being friends with an actual superstar might dim her light for good. After disastrous rehearsals, missed band practice, an animal shelter takeover by Talitha and a TV crew, and a heart-to-heart with Bo, Sunday has to agree that she’s not ready to put on a show, much less the “extravaganza” she’s been talking about. She hasn’t even been able to write one new song! She hopes that Talitha’s presence will soften the blow when she has to break the news to her neighbors, but Talitha has already moved on without saying goodbye – to star on the London stage.

Sunday’s crushed, but the harmonies of Operation Sisterhood save the day once again with a surprise storytelling party in the Garden that shows just how to shine a bright light on each person’s gifts — and a trip to Coney Island reminds Sunday that she can always share the song of her heart, and she never needs to go solo to be a star.


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