Ann Dávila Cardinal

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June 2019, Tor/Macmillan, 288 pp

In this thrilling, supernatural murder mystery, monsters only come when they’re called.

A self-described Gringa-Rican from Vermont, Lupe Dávila has her summer thrown off-course when she’s shipped off to Puerto Rico for the entire break. But upon arrival, she discovers that her uncle is investigating a series of grisly murders sweeping the island and it’s Lupe who sees the signs of something more than human. Javier Utierre is one of five friends from a deteriorating neighborhood in Puerto Rico who seem to be marked for death on the eve of their eighteenth birthdays. If Lupe and Javier can survive each other’s company, together they can solve the mystery of who is behind the murders before Javier’s own birthday arrives. But if they want to catch the killer, they’ll have to step into the shadows to see what’s lurking there—murderer, or monster?


  • Junior Library Guild Selection
  • 2020 International Latino Book Award for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Adventure
  • 2020 Bram Stoker Award Finalist