Dana Alison Levy

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September 2024, Random House Children's Books, 320 pp

No matter what was going on in Molly’s life at home, she always had book club at school. Whether she’s dealing with a death in the family or her parent’s breaking the news they want to move she is able to read a new book and escape life…even if it is just for a little bit.

But when someone anonymously notifies school boards about a controversial book in the classroom, her favorite teacher Ms. Lewsiton is suspended…and book club is a banned for the immediate future.

With weeks until graduation, Molly has never felt more lost. She knows she needs to do something–anything–to prove to everyone that the books they read with Ms. Lewsiton are more important than the adults may realize.

With her group of friends, Molly will fight to save her book club by writing their favorite author and protesting on the football field. Molly will discover that standing up for what you believe in is only half the battle…but will she be fully ready to make a change for readers just like her?