Justin A. Reynolds

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June 2023, Joy Revolution/Random House, 384 pp

Welcome to HOUSE PARTY! The biggest event of the year is happening tonight, and you’re invited! Join us for Florence Hills High seniors’ last hurrah before graduation.

Over a few wild, transformative hours, all the drama ensues. Kisses are swapped between old friends, new friends, and could’ve-sworn-they-were-enemies kind of friends. Relationships get tested. Animals roam free. Plastic cups overflow while secrets are spilled. Add dope music that’s thumping, and there’s a good chance the whole neighborhood will be disrupted.

Told from interwoven perspectives, and written by ten bestselling and critically acclaimed authors, House Party follows a group of teens as they get ready to say goodbye to high school and hello to the next chapter in their lives. Each classmate is prepared to make this night one to remember.

Justin A. Reynolds (Editor, Contributor)
Angeline Boulley
Jerry Craft
Natasha Diaz
Lamar Giles
Ryan La Sala
Jasmine Warga
Randy Ribay
Christina Hammonds Reed
Yamile Saied Méndez


BOOKLIST – “This book is the perfect tool for harnessing empathy. It shows the world that no matter your identity or culture, you are still worthy of love, hope, and the promise of a good time.”


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