Kathryn Ormsbee

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November 2021, HarperCollins, 320pp

Born in Paris, Kentucky and raised on her Gram’s favorite country music, Cline dreams of making it big with her own songs—even if her mother has always told her that music won’t pay the bills. So when Cline finds out about a Young Singer-Songwriters workshop just a few towns over, she is determined to take her first real step toward her musical dreams. It might just require a little . . . fibbing to her mama. Cline never imagined the butterflies she’d feel surrounded by so many other talented kids—especially Sylvie, whose effortless style and killer rock and roll playlist give Cline a different kind of butterflies that she’s only ever heard about in love songs. And as she learns to make music of her own, Cline begins to realize how many sides of herself she’s been holding back. There’s a new song taking shape in her heart—if only she can find her voice and sing it.


KIRKUS – “Destined for the spotlight.”

SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL – “A sweet tale of coming into one’s own and an affirming queer love story, too.”


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NOTE: Sold at auction.