Kathryn Ormsbee

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February 2019, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 400 pp

A humorous, lightly speculative novel for fans of “Welcome to Nightvale” with points of view from two teens with opposing beliefs who come together at what might be the end of the world in a small American town during the ‘70s.

Stella used to dream about becoming a space engineer—that was before she lost her mother to suicide and her brother ran off to join Red Sun, the local hippie commune. Galliard, on the other hand, has been in Red Sun his whole life, where people accept his Tourette’s, but when he’s denied the commune’s “resident artist” role he believed he was destined for, he starts to imagine life outside. The two cross paths at the same time peculiar things start to happen: pink lightning, blood-red rain, and a mysterious countdown clock over town hall. With time ticking, the two teens face questions of faith, family, and who they want to be when the world ends.