Madeline McGrane

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February 2023, HarperCollins, 256 pp

Vampires at witch camp? What could go wrong?

It’s summertime in Baneberry Falls and Drago and their vampire pals Eztli and Quintus are heading to witch camp where they’ll learn spells and magic alongside human kids. They’ve never camped before (unless you count burrowing in the ground to avoid sunlight), but as long as their vampire pals are with them, how bad could it be?

Once there, Eztli and Quintus make fast friends with the campers, while Drago is left feeling alienated and alone. Having no use for these feelings, they ditch camp and stumble onto an abandoned miniature golf course housing a supernatural entity with sinister intentions of overtaking the camp. Drago may not like camp or the campers, but if this evil force has its way, that means their vampire buds are also in danger.

Digging deep into their soulless soul, Drago must summon the courage to face the mystical forces threatening to overtake the camp. But without their friends by their side, can they do it?