Bessie Flores Zaldívar

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Fall 2024, Dial/Penguin Young Readers, TBD pp

17yr old Libertad Morazán finds solace in writing politically-charged poetry for her anonymous Instagram account, and in her longtime friend Camila, who she almost-kissed but it was never discussed, and lately seems to hold Libi’s hand and eyes two seconds too long.

As the presidential election looms and life in 2017 Tegucigalpa, Honduras gets louder and faster, Libertad’s Mami and Abuela work longer hours, her brother Maynor disappears at night, and protests seem to rage in every corner of the city. And while politics threaten to tear her own family apart, things come to a head at home when Mami finds texts on her phone referencing a kiss with a girl, and Libi discovers that Maynor is part of the dangerous student front protests of his university. When the ultimate tragedy strikes their family, Libertad must decide if all there is left to do is leave.


  • Sold in a seven house auction for six figures.